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How to Become a NCAA Football Referee

17. May 2010

Becoming a college football referee is a major step up for officials who may have only worked high school games in their career. Taking the field in stadiums that seat 80,000 fans or more is a shock to the system for any official who is used to working in front of 2,000 or 3,000 fans on a Friday night. However, while the game is played by bigger, stronger players at faster speeds, the game remains the same.

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I’m ready!

2. May 2010
I'm ready!

I'm ready!



Referee Punch

1. May 2010
Take this!

Take this!


NCAA Wedge Block Rule

30. April 2010

Mr. Jim Blackwood (WAC) has created a teaching video of the new NCAA rule on kickoff wedge blocking.


NCAA modifies rules on wedge blocking

22. April 2010

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Sports Network) – The NCAA has changed rules for wedge blocking in football, eliminating formations of three or more players for the 2010 season.

A 15-yard penalty will be enforced if teams employ wedge formations of more than two players on kickoffs. Two-player wedges are still legal.

The penalty will be marked from the spot of the foul or from the spot of where the kick returner was tackled if it is behind the spot where the illegal wedge was formed. A wedge formation will not be illegal in an obvious onside kick situation.

A new taunting penalty will also go into effect for the 2011 season.

If a player is flagged for taunting before reaching the end zone, the score will be nullified and an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty will be enforced from the spot of the foul.

The NCAA also said players cannot wear eye black with symbols or messages, starting with 2010 season.

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NCAA approves new eye black, taunting rules for 2010 season

21. April 2010

By Jack Carey, USA TODAY

New NCAA football rules approved Thursday will crack down on eye black that contains messages, taunting before a ballcarrier reaches the end zone and wedge blocking on kickoffs.

The NCAA’s Playing Rules Oversight Panel OK’d the changes, which earlier had been passed by the football rules committee.

Starting with the 2010 season, players will no longer be allowed to wear eye black with any messages, words or numbers on it.

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